Password Security Requirements

When setting up or updating an AudioEye account, users must adhere to the following password configuration requirements

  • Minimum 8 Characters
  • At least 1 Uppercase letter
  • At least 1 Number
  • At least 1 Special Character
  • Cannot be one of the last 24 passwords you used
  • Cannot include your username

In addition to the above, established accounts adhere to the following account lockout protocols:

  • 5 Failed attempts within 1 hour lock the user account for 24 hours

When resetting a password, users must have access to the email address on file. Initiating the Forgot Password process will initiate an email to be sent to the address on file that includes a one-time verification code and an optional link that drives the user to a reset password page; both of which expire after 24 hours.


Lastly, logged-in users will automatically be logged out of the admin after - 15 minutes of inactivity.

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