Does Audioeye offer consulting services to train our staff to incorporate accessibility into our work and thinking?


AudioEye Consulting is primarily focused on training designers and developers on achieving Section 508 compliance through adhering to WCAG 2.0 level AA standards. Having run a thorough web accessibility audit for our client, AudioEye provides consulting for designers and web developers looking to incorporate accessibility design thinking into their projects. In addition, AudioEye provides remediation consulting, document/pdf remediation training, Accessibility 101/Awareness training for organizations looking to engrain accessibility thinking into their corporate culture, and training on different techniques for proper usability testing utilizing accessibility tools and different accessibility software. Consulting services are conducted through in-person sessions or via virtual meeting with screen sharing presentation, or by phone, and email.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ad-hoc testing, design, and development support for product teams implementing accessibility
  • Incremental access to developers for assistance with the implementation of violation remediation & the validation of applied fixes
  • Universal design advice, best practices, and ad hoc design review
  • Provide assistance with any supported accessibility software
  • Consultation related to compliance policy questions pertaining to Section 508, CVAA, or other similar national and international accessibility/disability related legislation & regulations
  • If applicable, provide oversight and guidance in coordination with any regulatory persons or bodies in charge of validating Client’s path to and ongoing strategy for achieving and maintaining compliance over time
  • If applicable, assist Client in identifying third-party vendor compliance issues and communicating compliance conformance strategy with third-party vendors who are being leveraged in ways that negatively impact the Client’s level of conformance
  • Provide techniques for proper usability testing utilizing accessibility tools
  • Available by phone or email
  • Virtual Meeting screen sharing presentations as needed
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