What key benefits does the AudioEye solution offer?

In what Forrester has called the “age of the customer”, we believe that, by adopting our solutions, our customers gain a competitive advantage by ensuring a superior digital experience for all of their customers, in particular for persons with diverse abilities.  Some of the many leading advantages of our solution, include:

  1. Maintaining a mission of inclusion and accessibility for the 5%-10% of the population with a disability or physical limitation who are denied full access to online digital content.
  2. Increasing the client Return On Investment by improving market penetration, brand reputation and brand loyalty.
  3. Ensuring conformance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA success criteria.
  4. Deploying a cost effective and reliable solution that is scalable with rapid deployment and little to no project management.
  5. Consistently providing an enhanced customer experience for our client customers by providing access to innovative and universally designed technology solutions.
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