In what ways may a user engage with the AudioEye Player Web Personalization Tool?

The AudioEye Player allows users to engage with page content in a variety of ways.  Visual users can navigate using their mouse. The user may click on words, paragraphs, sentences, images, page elements (such as carousels, page menu systems, web forms, etc.) to engage with that element and to have the corresponding web copy spoken aloud.  Alternatively, keyboard users may leverage basic and natural key commands to navigate the page and interact with elements via the use of the tab key, arrow keys and other keyboard shortcuts.  As a user engages different elements, suggestive help menus are spoken aloud to inform users of their options as they engage and interact with the webpage.  In addition, the Reader utility may be engaged for the benefit of simplifying the visual interface and making the audio user experience easier for the website visitor to interact with.

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