Does the AudioEye Web Personalization Tool offer the ability for users to configure the tool to enlarge, highlight, or otherwise augment text?

The AudioEye Player can be paired with the Reader utility to allow users to enlarge the viewing area and the associated text that is being spoken aloud.  Each utility may be engaged via a click of a button or from a standard key command. 

The key commands to increase/decrease visual display zooming are:

Zoom In: "]" (Right Bracket)
Zoom Out: "[" (Left Bracket)

The Player/Reader combination provides users with a high level of customization as it pertains to the audible and visual user preferences that are fully configurable and persist across the user experience.  Persistence allows a user to “set” their user preference, once, in order to experience the entire website, without having to reset or reconfigure those preferences over and over again.



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