Can screen reader users benefit from any of the tools made available from AudioEye's Web Personalization Tools?

Yes, absolutely.  

Here is information about the different assistive tools made available from the AudioEye Ally Toolbar:

  • Reader – this tool allows users to enlarge the viewport, increase font sizes, change color contrast, highlight text as it is being read aloud, reduce clutter and distracting content, simplify and normalize the user interface (including complex site menus) and other features intended to optimize the user experience for customizing the visual display of the site in ways that allow users to personalize their user experience to meet their individual needs.
  • Voice – this tool allows site visitors to command the website user experience using basic and standardized verbal commands to engage and interact with the site.
  • Help Desk - this tool is used for reporting accessibility related issues that are processed by AudioEye accessibility subject matter experts.
  • Additionally, AudioEye now provides access to a Site Menu tool and a Page Elements Menu tool, which are, both, intended to simplify and optimize the user experience for keyboard users and individuals with cognitive disabilities.

In addition to the above, AudioEye makes available the Player tool, which emulates the capabilities of screen readers like JAWS, VoiceOver, NVDA, and others.  The Player is not intended to replace screen readers, but is intended to provide users who may benefit from the capabilities of these accommodations, but who do not have access to them.  In addition, screen readers may provide utility for any user looking to customize the way in which they engage and interact with the browser. 

  • Player - this tool allows the user to engage with the web environment by listening to content instead of reading. Users may control the user experience using the keyboard or mouse.

If you are a screen reader user and prefer to experience the website using the Player utility, please follow the instructions provided by AudioEye when encountering Player button within the Ally Toolbar.  Alternatively, disable your screen reader, and press P.

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