Using Player with the Site Menu Tool

When the Player is enabled and the user engages the Site Menu utility from the Ally+ Toolbar, focus is assigned to the first menu in a list of menus (if multiple menus exist).  Verbal instructions are provided that outline the user's options to press the down arrow to begin exploring the items with the selected menu.  The tab and shift+tab keys may also be used in the same sense as the up and down arrows.  Alternatively, much like a carousel, the user may use the left or right arrows to cycle through the other site menus (should multiple menus exist).  Further, if exploring the items within a menu and encounter the last item within the menu, if the user continues to advance, they will be taken to the first item within the next menu (should such a menu exist).  If a secondary menu does not exist, advancing beyond the last item within a menu will return the user to the top (beginning) of the current menu.

When navigating a menu, the user may encounter a menu item with sublinks (or nested items).  When encountering an item with sublinks, AudioEye provides audible cues to instruct the user of their options for exploring deeper into the menu structure.

Of course, mouse users may click on menus items or explore the carousel by, if necessary, clicking the left and right arrows to advance through the menu items (just as a keyboard user may use left and right arrows to advance through).  

The following controls provide an optimized Site Menu user experience :

Control Key Command
Move to Previous/Next Menu List (carousel menu behavior)

Right Arrow to Advance to next Menu

Left Arrow for Previous Menu

Move to Previous/Next Item

Tab or Down Arrow to Advance

Shift+Tab or Up Arrow to Go Back

Close Site Menu

X to Close 

N to toggle on/off


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