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Managing the results an Accessibility Scan Analysis, as conducted from the Compliance Manager within the AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform, can seem to be a daunting task.  In many cases, thousands of issues have been identified, each requiring the attention of designers and/or engineers, seeking to understand the issues of accessibility and looking to remediate issues.  Here are some important tips that will accelerate the discovery and remediation process:

Triage your efforts to ensure maximum efficiency.

Begin by focusing on the confirmed issues with accessibility, which are classified as Errors. Next work through the likely issues of accessibility, classified as Risks, to ensure that you're coding to best-practices for accessibility.  Finally, once Errors and Risks have been addressed, manually review the web content using assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to ensure that you are able to identify any usability issues not discovered during automated testing.

Focus on issues that appear in the site’s global components.

By resolving issues that exist in a site's template components (headers, footers, menus, etc.) you are able to improve the experience on every webpage. Typically this action will have the greatest impact on reducing the total number of issues remaining, while expending the least amount of effort. By removing issues that persist globally, you are only left with page-specific issues.

Before starting a new scan, review the latest existing scans.

Depending on the size and complexity of a website, Site Evaluation Scans may take anywhere from one hour to as many as several hours to complete. You may find the information you're looking for in the existing scan.

Can’t find your scan details? Check the Evaluations.

Each user of the system has the ability to created named evaluations.  These evaluations are a way to label and group your accessibility scans.  If you log in to the Digital Accessibility Platform and you no longer see the scan results you expect, verify that you are viewing correct the evaluation by expanding the "Change Evaluation" dropdown.  

Still Can’t find your scan details? Look in the Archives.

To protect the information in an evaluation, each time a new scan is initiated we automatically archive the previous scan. If you find yourself on the correct evaluation but still do not see the scan results you expect, select the appropriate scan from the list of archives. Simply select a scan date from the past to see historical accessibility analyses.

Need additional help? Contact Support
If you have questions or need assistance understanding how to best utilize the information provided in the developer portal, just reach out to your account representative or send an email to the support email address provided to your team.

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