Who fixes accessibility issues that impact the visual display of a site?

Typically, AudioEye does not apply website fixes that impact the visual display of the site.  While the majority of the issues requiring remediation are invisible to the display of the site, there are certain success criteria that relate to the visual display of the site.  In most cases, it is easiest to work through these issues in a collaborative fashion, whereby AudioEye works with the Customer's software/web designers/developers and recommends best practices for effective resolution to be applied at the source and/or through universal design standards. In these cases, AudioEye provides the necessary tools and/or instruction allowing Customer team's to implement fixes within the product source.  That said, at the Customer's discretion, Customer's may authorize AudioEye to apply certain website fixes that will impact the visual display of the site, but any such authorization will, of course, need to be documented and signed-off on by project owners.  Alternatively, if the Customer chooses not to allow AudioEye to remediate certain issues, dynamically, and chooses not to fix issues at the source, AudioEye may issue a conformance notifications detailing the specifics of the features/functions of the website that are not in conformance with specific standards.  This, of course, assumes that the Customer has opted to publish some form of an Accessibility Statement made public from the site.

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