Why should i choose Ally Managed Service?

The AudioEye Ally Managed Service is focused on fixing website issues to ensure end-to-end compliance, which helps ensure access and usability for individuals with disabilities, but, in particular, users of accommodations such as screen readers.  

Fixing digital experiences for end users leveraging their own assistive technology is just one focus for meeting the needs of our targeted end-users. In addition to AT users, a much larger demographic of users (many of whom do not self-identify - or report - themselves as having a disability or impairment) may benefit from the availability of free user-friendly tools that allow them to customize and optimize their digital experience. In short, with Ally, AudioEye seeks to enhance the user experience for all individuals who arrive at digital experience without having full access to 3rd party assistive tools and the type of high-quality user experience they deserve. 

AudioEye provides the Ally AT-in-the-Cloud solution is to allow our Customers to voluntarily provide free assistive technology that serves as a validated and equally effective alternative means of access, which is delivered in different modalities and with different disability use-cases in mind. 

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