Why should I adopt the Ally Solution?

We offer solutions that enable our clients to enhance their brand by demonstrating a robust approach to web accessibility.  When adopting our technology, clients implement the Ally Toolbar into their website.   By embedding the AudioEye JavaScript, our clients can offer our Ally patent-protected AT-in-the-Cloud solution that provides our clients’ new and returning customers the opportunity to thoroughly engage and interact with client websites in a more meaningful and fully customizable way, regardless of their device type, language preference, or preferred method of access.  From the toolbar, site visitors are provided with a Player utility that allows them to listen to the content of the website read aloud, a Reader utility that allows them to customize the visual display of the website, a Voice utility that allows them to command the browser using their voice, and a Certification statement that helps our client promote their commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion. 

These tools offer benefits to a broad range of site visitors, in particular aging populations and individuals who have vision, hearing, motor and intellectual disabilities, including those who are color blind, dyslexic, learning to read, and looking to maintain focus, or multi-task. 

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