Does AudioEye offer a self-service offering?

Yes. The AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform empowers web developers to improve their website using the most current, innovative, and industry-leading tools.  Primarily, the Digital Accessibility Platform is a self-service solution for clients who want to own the accessibility process from beginning to end and puts the power of accessibility issue tracking, auditing and remediation in the hands of developers to improve the usability and accessibility of their web infrastructure.  Customers leveraging the Digital Accessibility Platform have the option of embedding the AudioEye JavaScript into the front-end of their website, allowing them to not only get the benefits of auto-fixes that improve the usability and compliance level of their site, but it also allows them to manage the remediation process in a controlled environment that serves as an important resource for ongoing site auditing and issue tracking.  At the same time, for organizations that are developing for accessibility, this robust site evaluation tool provides detailed information to help developers and designers fully understand the identified issues as well as the different WCAG 2.0 best-practices that may be implemented in order to improve their website through changes implemented at the source. 

In addition to the above, AudioEye provides additional Managed Services that support the SaaS Model infrastructure.  When clients adopt the Digital Accessibility Platform as a self-service tool, AudioEye markets and sells managed services that include the following: Product Support, Accessibility Training from accessibility engineers & subject matter experts, Manual Assistive Technology Usability Testing, and other ad hoc services such as Video Transcription & Captioning, Manual Document Remediation (PDFs, et al), Audio Description Authoring, Accessibility Help Desk, and more.  These same services are also provided to those customers adopting the Ally Managed Service solution and go beyond the inherent managed services that coincide with the implementation of website remediation, the provisioning of the Ally AT-in-the-Cloud utilities (which include the Player, Reader, and Voice utilities), and, ultimately, the certification of our clients’ web infrastructure.

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