What Managed Service Offerings does AudioEye offer?

For organizations looking to offload the accessibility process, the Ally Solution Offering allows AudioEye Accessibility Engineers and AT Usability Testers to do all the heavy lifting in order to achieve accessibility and compliance for our clients.  This unique offering leverages a balance of system and engineer generated remediation techniques to programmatically fix website problems that inhibit full access to our client’s electronic information technologies (EIT).  By providing our customers with full access to the Digital Accessibility Platform and working with them on a long term basis to provide automated and manual testing in order to fully understand the issues of accessibility and how to develop with web accessibility in mind, AudioEye is able to reduces the burden on IT resources, leaving only a limited work for finite client resources.  In conjunction with the implementation of the AudioEye JavaScript, AudioEye makes available the option to publish the Ally Toolbar, which includes the Help Desk and Certification Statement.  The Help Desk provides support for end users who have issues accessing content, while the Certification Statement outlines our client’s commitment to providing an accessible and usable website experience for individuals with disabilities.  As part of the Ally Service, AudioEye makes available detailed reporting that provide the client with the results of remediation efforts.

The AudioEye Ally Solution Offering goes a significant step further.  In addition to providing our clients with all the benefits that coincide with the Ally Standard Package, the Ally Premium solution expands the capabilities of the Ally Toolbar to include easy-to-use, cloud-based assistive tools that allow our clients to enhance the customer experience for those looking to customize the way in which they engage with the web browser.  The Ally patent-protected AT-in-the-Cloud solution provides our clients’ site visitors with the opportunity to thoroughly engage and interact with our clients’ websites in a more engaging and fully customizable way, regardless of their device type, language preference, or preferred method of access. 

From the Ally Toolbar, users may engage the Player utility that mirrors the features and functions of traditional screen reader software, allowing the user to engage with the web environment by using their keyboard (instead of a mouse) and listening to content instead of reading.  Further, the built-in Reader utility allows users to enlarge the viewport, increase font sizes, change color contrast, highlight text as it is being read aloud, reduce clutter and distracting content, simplify and normalize the user interface (including complex site menus) and other features intended to optimize the user experience for addressing specific use cases.  Lastly, the Voice utility allows site visitors to command the website user experience using basic and standardized verbal commands.  The free assistive tools made available within websites enabled with the AudioEye solution have benefits for all site visitors, but, in particular, aging populations and individuals who have vision, hearing, motor and intellectual disabilities, including those who are color blind, dyslexic, learning to read, and looking to maintain focus, or multi-task.  Ally has a variable component that requires premium pricing.  Customers adopting this service also receive quarterly reports detailing usage analytics. 

In addition to the above, AudioEye provides additional Managed Services that support the SaaS Model infrastructure, including the following: Product Support, Accessibility Training from accessibility engineers & subject matter experts, Manual Assistive Technology Usability Testing, and other ad hoc services such as Video Transcription & Captioning, Manual Document Remediation (PDFs, et al), Audio Description Authoring, Accessibility Help Desk, and more.  

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