Are the AudioEye Web Personalization Tools easy to use?

The AudioEye Ally Toolbar and each associated assistive utility (i.e. Player, Reader, Voice, Site Menu, and Page Elements Menu) are presented in a simple, intuitive interface, requiring low cognitive load.  

The AudioEye Ally Platform solution was built with different disability use-cases in mind and leverages universal design principles to help ensure a fully optimized user experience for all people with diverse abilities.  In particular, the Reader utility includes many built-in benefits that enhance and simplify the user experience in an effort to minimize cognitive load.  The Reader provides users with a consistent and normalized layout, presenting information in a logical top-down structure.  Complex web page elements including site menus, carousels, web forms, etc. are presented in a consistent manner.  In addition, each of the modules that make up the Ally solution includes a first-time-user experience, providing visitors with a detailed walkthrough with cognitive coach marks that walk the user through the different interface elements.  Detailed help menus are consistently presented across the user experience providing a high level of guidance for users of the platform, should they desire it.

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