Auto (or Continuous) Playback vs. Manual Playback

By default, AudioEye is configured for auto (or continuous) playback, meaning that AudioEye will keep reading page content until it encounters a element that requests a user command, such as forms, tables, or carousels, etc.  

If you would like to change this setting to allow for more manual control over playback, such as using the up and down arrow keys or tab and shift+tab keys to command the user experience, please visit the Settings Menu.  Within the Player menu, you will see an option to select different options for Auto Playback.  Alternatively, you may press 3 to cycle through the different options.

The following settings are provided within the Settings menu:

Feature Description Key Command
Auto Play Auto Play consists of three options, Full, Minimal, and None.  The default state is Minimal. When set to None, the user must press the down arrow to advance audio playback from one item to the next.   Press 3 to cycle


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