Tables - Behavior and Controls

When encountering tables with the Player enabled, AudioEye will provide audible cues detailing the instructions for interacting with the table, including pressing arrow keys or tab and shift+tab to navigate through the table cells.  Of course, users may click on table cells to drive focus to the selected cell and begin audio playback in association with that cell. 

When initially encountering a table, AudioEye will verbally announce how many rows and columns are available within the table.  The Player will then read table row header for the selected row (typically first row in the table) and wait for user input.

When focus has been placed within a table, the following controls allow the user to engage and interact with the table:

Control Description Key Command
Move to Previous/Next Item The user may advance through the table by clicking on table cells and headers to begin interacting with the table.

Tab or Right Arrow to advance to next table cell column

Shift+Tab or Left Arrow to move to previous table cell column

Down Arrow to advance to next table cell row

Up Arrow to move to previous table cell row

Skip past table to move beyond and access next element To remove focus from the table (or move beyond the table to the next element), clicking on an area outside of the area associated with the table will resume plaback of the selected element 

Shift+down to move past table

As a table may consist of other elements such as links, images, etc., using standard or contextual controls will persist within the form element (such as pressing Enter (Return) to access (follow) a link.

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