Using Player with the Page Elements Tool

When the Player is enabled and the user engages the Page Elements utility from the Ally+ Toolbar, the Player announces the Page Elements Menu, provides the option for closing the menu and proceeds to announce the options for scrolling through different page elements by clicking the links to advance the menus (much like a carousel).  The player proceeds to read through the items associated with the selected menu list, which consists of links, which may be followed by pressing return.  By following a link, the focus is driven the selected item with the page and the Page Elements Menu simultaneously collapses, allowing the user to resume playback from the selected item.

The following controls provide an optimized Page Elements user experience :

Control Key Command
Move to Previous/Next Menu List (carousel menu behavior)

Right Arrow to Advance to next Menu

Left Arrow for Previous Menu

Move to Previous/Next Item

Tab or Down Arrow to Advance

Shift+Tab or Up Arrow to Go Back

Close Page Elements Menu

X to Close 

D to toggle on/off

While the functional purpose of clicking items within the Page Elements Menu may be limited, Mouse users may click on left and right arrows keys to advance Page Elements Menu Listing.  Elements are presented as links, which may be clicked to advance focus to selected item, which effectuates the closing of the Page Elements Menu.


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